Inner Creativity Unleashed

Following the wonderful response I received with The Bridge Of My Wonderful Life Journey I wanted to tell you part of  the story that lead me to a wonderful series of events that perfectly aligned creating a beam of light on the road I needed to fallow.

Last January I started 2012 telling my friends that my word for the new year was ” C L A R I T Y”. I  knew I would find my true purpose! I just didn’t know how…

I read many great books between January and May. There was one that ignited a lot of the events which led to where I am today. This book is “The Power Of Positive Thinking” by Dr.Norman Vincent Peale.

One of the exercise at the beginning of this book was to write the word “Believe” on a piece of paper and place it where I could see it every morning so I would say the word I believe 3 times as soon as I woke up….so I pinned it on the ceiling above my bed. These two words are so deeply imprinted in my mind that I sometimes say “I Believe” while I am still dreaming.

The next thing I did was to commit to memory a few great quotes that give me energy throughout the day and helped me in keeping a positive mindset. My favorite quote :

I am consciously attaching myself to the creative forces a operating within myself. I am open to the tides of vitality and re-creative energy present in the universe.

I repeat this quote before I fall asleep and as several times during the day as well as some other great quotes and prayers. It’s amazing how many people I started to attract and be attracted too once I truly decided to change.

On Wednesday June 30TH I was going through my news feed on Facebook looking for inspiration as I usually do before I either create content or share a quote.

One of the  titles quickly caught my eye so I clicked on it and started to read. Actually, it took me a little while to take my eyes off a picture of a girl floating above a beautiful lake wearing a nightgown.  I don’t know why this picture almost got me hypnotized.

The title said of the article read; “Getting Out of Our Own Way by Oriah Mountain Dreamer“. I have been f0llowing Oriah for over a year now and seeing her name as the author was another reason I was so attracted to this article but mainly…getting out of my own way was exactly what I wanted to do!

So once I was able to lift my gaze from the picture I read the first sentence of the article. As I write about this, I can still feel the electricity go through my body now as it did  when I read the first few words of Oriah’s article…

“Sometimes I prime the creative pump for writing by messing around with paint and paper. I paint, in part, because I enjoy it and I’m not particularly good at it so I don’t expect to do it well, don’t have to worry about deadlines or the quality of the end product”. ~ Oriah

Most people reading this story probably enjoyed it for what it is meant to be…A story about how Oriah sometimes get’s her inspiration going through painting. For me, reading these words were like finding the answer to an enigma for which I couldn’t even begin to think of the questions that would have led me to it’s discovery.

After reading Oriah’s article I connected with several of the ladies she mentioned in her article…It was like following a treasure map!

On July 3 I became friends on Facebook with Michele Cassou and I am reading one of her book “Point Zero”. I am loving every page. I am also in contact through e-mail with Eve-Marie Elkin from New York. I plan to have my first workshop with her this Fall.

On July 9,  I spoke with my girlfriend Nancy Shields who offered me to take over!! There has been amazing events as I was saying that led me to knowing my true life purpose and I feel so blessed and grateful!

Daily I meet new fabulous ladies on my group The Women Of Facebook and I am so thrilled to share my journey and how I overcame negativity, being overwhelmed and how I suffered from not having a direction.

I went from not knowing HOW  to live with purpose to “BELIEVING” in who “I AM”…I am a passionate painter, an entrepreneur and on a mission to assist & inspire people in expressing their inner- creativity so they unleash their playfulness, vitality and purpose.

There is a lot of work ahead of me…from creating my program to experiencing Point Zero and other fabulous courses that will enable to have all I the desired skills to fully assist others in their own discoveries. I couldn’t be more thrilled to roll up my sleeves and say to myself and to you: “Let’s Work It Girlfriends” …

The Bridge Of My Wonderful Life Journey

Lately my motto has been: “Sense and feel every decision you are making and you are sure to advance steadily and easily in the direction of your dreams”

The more we trust our inner voice, the more we attract the things we need to  live our life authentically. I must say that embracing these principals and listening to my intuition is transforming my life and I have never felt so confident and excited about the events and opportunities unfolding in front of me.

But this didn’t  happen overnight and I’d like to tell you how perseverance and belief has brought me here.

The online and social media world was introduced to me as a tool to grow my business in the fall of 2009. I believe that because I was not aligned with my true purpose at that time, my online experience has been like a winding road made of steep hills and plenty of road blocks.

Knowing Your Purpose

Like a lot of people I met online in the past 2 years, it took me a while before establishing my grounds and knowing what I was suppose to accomplish on this journey.

Be You!

For a while, I was trying to be someone else…Somehow my perception of how I would attain success was distorted by listening to too many ideas from different people and things were hard.

Paint Your Dream

It’s one thing to be inspired by people we admire but we must stay true to who we are otherwise we can end up fallowing some else’s dream.

As much as I thought I knew my destination, it’s as if my internal compass was constantly shifting, altering my path and guiding me towards the correct path for ME. The path I am on today.

I’m glad I listened to my inner compass!

There were days when things got really tough and I just wanted to quit, crawl back under my comfort zone blanket and not see or connect with anybody…but I only stayed under my blanket a few seconds. Something in me ordered me to kick back the sheets of self-doubts and led me right back to my quest of self-discovery.

For things to change, you need to change. ~ Jim Rohn

We all resist change at some point in our life… its part of the process. What’s important to remember is that we have choices and we must learn to trust our instincts as much as we possibly can and go confidently in the direction of our dreams.

It’s up to us to search for the perfect flow that will transport us towards our next set of actions and closer to our goals!
The first step is to find awareness and clarity in our lives!

What I wish people to know about me:

I am a passionate painter, an entrepreneur and on a mission to assist & inspire people in expressing their inner- creativity so they unleash their playfulness, vitality and purpose.


My friend Nancy Shields has offered me a beautiful gift in assuming the continuity and progress of Make

The essence of her website mixes so well with the distinctiveness of the group I created 2 years ago called The Women of Facebook. The two of them fit perfectly together and will allow for the Make Girlfriends platform to serve as groundwork and  create a bridge for women to continue the conversation in an inviting and cozy environment.

I am honored to take on this fun project and infuse my personality as I invite women from all around the world to become balcony friends and continue what Nancy has already so wonderfully rendered…A PLATFORM FOR FRIENDSHIP.

Mission: To create a bridge between women around the world so that they make new girlfriends, voice their opinions and ideas, and share their knowledge to receive exposure and reach an attentive audience.

“Come by our online café!  Join us for coffee, or tea, or a stiff margharita if you need it!…and make girlfriends for life!”

“I would like to express a special thank you to the founding members of The Women of Facebook as they have ignited my desire to surround myself daily with the women spirit. You kept on my path and helped me discover my purpose and mission.”

~ Nathalie Villeneuve