David,  a very special man in my life, went to Guatemala in October on a mission trip with a team of 14 to build homes for widows and their children.  In a week’s time the team built 4 homes.  They gave these widows and their children a better place to live for their future.  I’m sure they ALL experienced the Spirit of Gratitude; the ones building the homes and the ones receiving this GIFT!

So I thought this post would be appropriate for this “Thanks-Giving”…..A time when we reflect on our gratitude…..My desire for each one of you is that you relish in life’s banquet today…..

David took this photograph which I have named, the “Bubble of Hope.”  I reflected upon my childhood and how a bottle of bubbles would keep me occupied.  Oh, the simple joy of pulling the stick out of the bottle and forming that most perfect bubble.  I discovered as I would blow bubble after bubble that you had to calculate your breath in just the right rhythm to accomplish getting a magnificent bubble as shown in this picture.  It’s said that a picture holds a thousand words and this picture immediately spoke to me upon seeing it.

I haven’t blown a bubble in a while and I think it’s time to blow some bubbles!

As I look at this picture and ponder on my words stirring in my head ~ I see a little girl with her hands being raised to the sky ~ I’m sure in pure bliss of the moment.  I also see a beautiful little boy with captivating black eyes looking up to the circle of love as his eyes reveal the soul of his ancestry.  I see the iridescent bubble representing unbridled joy.  Joy is not lost; it floated away in the sunlight of his life.  Notice the colors in this picture.

The space between the eyes of the little boy and the weathered hands of the little girl is the gap.  The gap where the moment lies; where breath, air and love for that moment created this most fabulous bubble floating towards the heavens along with their prayers.

What would the prayer be if a prayer was to be attached to this bubble of hope floating to heaven?

Would it be prayers of gratitude and love?  Would it be prayers of hope and joy? Would it be prayers of happiness and freedom?  What would your prayer be?

Notice the smile on the little boys face, he’s joyful and he is waiting patiently to have his turn at creating the most perfect bubble in time.

A simple bubble – and the joy it creates.

A wonderful reminder of how grateful I am for my breath and the ability to love each moment  which is truly a GIFT to me.

How much breath will you put forth to create the most perfect of bubbles?  Will you put out with force, for those are the times that the bubble folds and resist the breath? Will you put out with a gentleness allowing the breath to build slow and easy, with patience?  To have patience with our breath and the desire to create that amazing bubble allows the bubble to form and gently move toward the sky.

So this Thanksgiving, I want to take this opportunity to allow my breath to tell you how grateful I am for your support, your encouraging words to me, and for being there to read my posts when they are published.  For allowing yourself to be inspired, and inspiring me at the same time.

You are each a GIFT and know that I am GRATEFUL!

Let’s remember that the only way to find happiness is not to expect
gratitude–but to give for the joy of giving.

Special thanks to you David for capturing with your eagle eye this portrait of unbridled bliss…..




What happens when love is not enough to sustain a relationship?

This past week I have been immersed with people coming into my life that are in relationships that probably should have ended a long time ago. They love that person and yet it’s not quite enough to stay. As these stories unravel, I reflect on my own life.

My girlfriend in California – Giovanna- gave me these words of wisdom:

We are all on the same journey. We take different avenues, making stops, perhaps staying in a neighborhood or relationship too long. Eventually we all get there. Women (the feminine essence of spirit) are very good in seeing the potential in men and believing love will be enough to “fix” their partner. What often time happens in the relationship, when the fix does not happen fast enough or at all over time, the masculine energy in us starts coming out through nagging, blaming, expecting or a plethora of other things that operate from the negative. This pushes the man and the relationship away. We as women must remain in our power of the feminine through speaking from the heart and from our own truth.

Love Simply Is….We cannot “fix”

Simply No Expectations….

By living in our truth we learn to communicate in positive ways. Stating what is on our minds in a gentle, loving way. Nagging, blaming are catabolic reactions. We can learn to communicate by simply stating…….WHAT IS….

Why then at times is love not enough?

Potential: Because often we meet someone who is on a different level then we are and we see something in that person – we see their spirit, their potential. They may not be ready for what we have to make the change to operate from a higher vibration. Remember, we are mirrors and reflections of each other so we attract into our world what we see with our eyes that we need in order to learn and grow.

Timing: It may not be the “right” time yet, perfect nonetheless, for in every relationship there is a lesson to be learned for that time in our lives.

This is the part where we hold love “loosely.” We end up hanging on too long because we don’t want to hurt, disappoint, be alone, lose the house, the stuff in it and the memories of what was.

Life is to be experienced not haphazardly but in full joy and bliss! We all have the potential for bliss, and truly how many of us allow ourselves to go to a place of bliss and dance from our inner spirit. To live in the possibilities of life and all it’s adventures that it has to offer. To live from our imaginations. Like Albert Einstein once so eloquently stated, “imagination is more important than knowledge.”

I read this recently:

“Are we being driven by love or by a lie of obligations?”

This takes me to the next part of this article:

To love is to know when to let go and set it free so that person can grow according to HIS purpose and design. This takes courage.

The more open–hearted and vulnerable I am to love that enters my world and I remain as if I was an open vessel, it will and can transform me.

Love is a transformational force of nature.

The love that led to my marriage became the pain of its dissolution. The joy experienced by being with my grown children is also the heartache of our parting. We must taste the salt of our tears to know the sweetness of life. For life is forever sweet!

Love brings about intense joy as well as intense pain. This is the conundrum of this FOUR letter word that carries so much weight. If we can only remind ourselves that in this time of pain and letting go we open our hearts even more….more….and some more. The flip side of not opening up our hearts is closing our hearts and the cause of a closed heart is resentment, bitterness and more pain – and eventually shutting your heart to love even more.

I choose to be the open vessel when love comes calling. I welcome it with a gentle smile, gleaming eyes and know that through every relationship we are only learning to love even more.




There are 3 things that we know for sure about life:  it has a beginning, it will end some day, and we should make the most of it while in between.

It’s the gap – the in between that I want to write about today.

This is what I call the GAP – the place between 2 places.

How are you living in the gap?

Are you living in a timid place full of fear?


Are you living in JOY full of laughter and peace?

To fully live life out loud means to smell the roses, enjoy the view, take the opportunity to meet and smile at a stranger and truly touch a life for that moment in time.

Sometimes we take life so seriously that we forget to exhale.  We run from one place to the next place and forget where we’ve been.  RUSH, FAST, HURRY is part of our vocabulary.  We don’t make time for ourselves because we’re too busy taking care of everyone else.  We even think it’s selfish to make time for ourselves.

Allow me to dispel that myth.

It’s okay to take care of yourself – to breathe – to exhale.

In my opinion, if you don’t exhale then you are probably almost on the verge of burnout.  It’s time to charge your batteries and take care of YOU.

So I believe there is a co-relation between slowing down and living your life out loud.

Do the things that matter most in life like spending time with your family, your loved ones.  Take the time to show the most important people in your life that they matter and you care.  Take the time to spend with friends.  Take that spontaneous trip.  In fact, I write this post on an airplane flying to Chicago.  My son is a pilot and he had sent me a text the night before stating he was flying to my town and if I wanted to catch a flight to Chicago with him since he had a few days off.  I pondered, and yes I was busy with work but I had the opportunity and I seized the moment – YES – I will!  Work will always be there, errands to run will be run, work will get done but precious moments with loved ones leave you with the memories of a lifetime.  So memories I created by going to Chicago with Kevin.

“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy.” Robert Louis Stevenson


The word grateful in the dictionary states:  “warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful.

We hear the word grateful and living in gratitude these days and I ask how do you live in gratitude?

To truly live in gratitude takes the heart and mind to be in that place of gratitude.  A place where you can truly say, “I AM GRATEFUL.”

We take so much for granted in life.  We have so many commodities in our everyday living.  Food, drink, shelter, clothing, the air that we breathe, the beauty around us.  Keeping our eyes open to see the beauty, to appreciate life and all its wonders, this is living in gratitude.  The wonderment of life and all it has to offer.

We sometimes get so wrapped up in our busy lives with all the things that are on our “TO DO” lists that it’s so easy to lose sight that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  When this happens we forget gratitude.

So how do we reset our brains to connect with our hearts and live in a space of gratitude?

Some Simple Steps to Follow

1.       Take a moment to breathe

2.       Start living in the moment by appreciating the glories of the present moment in our ordinary


3.       If you have to start wearing a rubber band around your wrist to stop yourself in your tracks

to give gratitude – it’s a start.  It works!

4.       Don’t take life for granted. 

Start a “gratitude” journal – if you are one of those that can’t find anything to be grateful for, then start small:  for getting up  in the morning in a bed, for the sunshine, for the rain, for a place to live, for food on your table.

I truly believe that the more gratitude we have the more things will come in our lives that we can be grateful for which leads to total joy for life.

Living in an “attitude of gratitude” changes our perspective in life.  It’s the shift in our thinking.  Dr. Wayne Dyer states so boldly; “when we change our feelings we change our destiny.”

Start with the little things to be grateful for and the bigger things will come…..your life will change!