The word grateful in the dictionary states:  “warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received; thankful.

We hear the word grateful and living in gratitude these days and I ask how do you live in gratitude?

To truly live in gratitude takes the heart and mind to be in that place of gratitude.  A place where you can truly say, “I AM GRATEFUL.”

We take so much for granted in life.  We have so many commodities in our everyday living.  Food, drink, shelter, clothing, the air that we breathe, the beauty around us.  Keeping our eyes open to see the beauty, to appreciate life and all its wonders, this is living in gratitude.  The wonderment of life and all it has to offer.

We sometimes get so wrapped up in our busy lives with all the things that are on our “TO DO” lists that it’s so easy to lose sight that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  When this happens we forget gratitude.

So how do we reset our brains to connect with our hearts and live in a space of gratitude?

Some Simple Steps to Follow

1.       Take a moment to breathe

2.       Start living in the moment by appreciating the glories of the present moment in our ordinary


3.       If you have to start wearing a rubber band around your wrist to stop yourself in your tracks

to give gratitude – it’s a start.  It works!

4.       Don’t take life for granted. 

Start a “gratitude” journal – if you are one of those that can’t find anything to be grateful for, then start small:  for getting up  in the morning in a bed, for the sunshine, for the rain, for a place to live, for food on your table.

I truly believe that the more gratitude we have the more things will come in our lives that we can be grateful for which leads to total joy for life.

Living in an “attitude of gratitude” changes our perspective in life.  It’s the shift in our thinking.  Dr. Wayne Dyer states so boldly; “when we change our feelings we change our destiny.”

Start with the little things to be grateful for and the bigger things will come…..your life will change!

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